Wednesday, 14 May 2014

There are No Others, Only Pacemakers, Helpmates and Playmates

If there is only One, how come there so many others?

There are no others, there is only the One expressing Self through various instruments depending on the kind of universe the One is experiencing i.e. student/teacher, expressions or playground universe.

In a long distance race, there are usually pacemakers who set the pace for athletes to follow. Pacemakers help athletes push themselves to such an extent that some of them go on to break world records. One who is experiencing the universe as a student/teacher has pacemakers who challenge the One to know/remember who He is. Pacemakers can take the form of painful experiences such as diseases, loss, tragedy which help the One wake up and realise His true nature.

One who is experiencing the universe as expressions has helpmates to express His many attributes such as bliss, beauty, creativity, joy, love, power, peace, wisdom etc.

One who is experiencing the universe as a playground has playmates to play with and have fun with.

There was a time when majority of the experiences I had were pacemaker types. I guess I was looking for various lessons and those experiences came to teach me those lessons. The moment I realised life wasn't about learning lessons but about expressing who I am and being my Self, the pacemakers transformed into helpmates and playmates.

There is a particular cat I see during my walks. He lives about 3 miles from me. When we first met, he was very unfriendly and always ran away when I called him. In my thoughts, I would send him love and assure him there is no need to be scared. As time went by, the cat started to trust me and we became friends. Once when I was stroking him, his owner came out of their house and told me he was very surprised to see the cat near me as he doesn't like being around strangers. He said his cat was a "pain in the arse." I told him I really liked his cat. A few days ago, I saw my friend. Although he acknowledged me when I called him, he couldn't stop as he obviously had cat business to take care of. Today, I saw my cat friend sitting in front of their front garden. I motioned for him to climb on top of the ledge of the fence so I could stroke him. We played for about 10 minutes and then I told him I had to leave. He was very reluctant to let me go.

My cat friend is my helpmate and playmate. He helps me to express my love and he's fun to be with.

In my stories, I share my daily encounters with my helpmates, playmates and the occasional pacemaker.

There are no others, only the One expressing Self as pacemakers, helpmates and playmates.

Thank you, helpmates and playmates, for making life easy, fun and wonderful.


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